Voluntary Agreement Significato

Beyond the problem of the financial strength of Chinese shareholders and their prospects of returning to the fund, which has been increased by the agreed high interest rates, we quickly see where we are with financial fair play. We have explained several times what it is and how it works. Let`s go by points. Essentially, the criteria of FSPs are achieved by achieving two fundamental objectives: on the one hand, respect for budgetary parity, i.e. at the end of the financial year, must be offset by revenue. On the other hand, this break-even must be carried out without excessive shareholder help: the income must be the income from the club`s activity and not the money that the patron puts in the box to keep running his game. All with elasticity margins (possible overshoot of 5 million euros for parity and the possibility of entering up to 30/45 million eur of shareholders) and calendars. In particular, Article 68 of the Financial Fair Play Regulation provides that the UEFA Club Financial Control Body may opt for a transaction agreement with the club in the event of non-compliance with the financial and economic parameters imposed by UEFA on European clubs, taking into account other factors defined in Appendix XI of the article. The factors are: . He makes them pay for his confusion, and the decision taken can cause many problems for the Milanese club, even excluding him from the trophies. The transaction agreement is a kind of plea by which the company could have agreed on sanctions and how to get into the parameters of the Financial Fair Play (FFP). The agreement between UEFA and the association is provided for by the Financial Fair Play Regulation, but can be ”voluntary” or ”transactive”. While for the voluntary agreement, the agreement is proposed by the association itself, in the case of the transaction agreement, the agreement is proposed by the UEFA body.

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