Travel Agent Consultation Fee Agreement

3. You can customize these travel agency forms as you see fit! You can dress everything up with your own agency logo, font, brand colors and personalized messages/questions. The parties agree not to transfer or sell this agreement without the prior written consent of the party requesting such measures. . C Kathleen Sullivan Anthology Travel took a much braver step, however. Two years ago, when she left her paralegal position at a major international law firm, her goal was ”to apply the skills I had learned there to travel distribution activities.” For whom is this: waivers are adaptable so that they can work for any type of travel company that books trips on behalf of customers. Our next article, How Seller of Travel Laws Impact Service Fees, has some expert information from Mark Pestronk on charging service fees in states with sellers of travel laws! In addition, Jamie Jones, COO of WhirlAway Travel, shared information with HAR to create a customizable model for agents who can enter into their own service agreements for their customers. Here are a few other reasons why you`ll like these travel agency forms as much as we do: This is for travel agencies that charge a fee (service or advice fee), or for those who charge a tax. What it does: Not only is the contract legally binding, but it helps you to be very clear about your pricing structure, so that your customers don`t get a sticker shock if they book with you! It describes what you charge for the fees and when you have to pay it. Final Thoughts: This contract is complete, and like other JotForm forms, you can change the conditional logic to suit your agency`s needs. See the full article on What it does: This travel agency form helps you do customer service and offers the opportunity to record a daily schedule with flights, hotel stays, tours/websites and restaurants. You can adapt it to give your customers a detailed itinerary, or use it as an example route for certain destinations to attract your travelers. The company remains the rightful owner of all securities, rights and interests of the property and any material made available for the conclusion of this agreement.