Artist Manager Agreement Form

Because if you don`t believe in what the artist does, how can we manage it effectively? Good chemistry is also important, which is why it`s best to know more about the person before signing a formal agreement that will make your relationship official. If you`re a classic rock enthusiast, you probably know Peter Grant. He has headlined as one of the greatest managers in rock-n-roll history, having successfully led the musical career of one of the most legendary bands ever – Led Zeppelin. We can conclude that behind a successful artist, there is a manager who works behind the scenes and oversees the career of your favorite musician. The relationship between artist and manager is included in an artist management contract. If you`re an emerging artist or just curious about what an artist management contract is, read the article below and browse our model examples. Please send me an e-mail about what an artist`s contract should be – If the manager does not collaborate with the artist around the world, it is necessary to specify who the other managers are, including their roles. As far as commissions are concerned, the Director General usually takes half of what the foreign leader does. After the term, it is standard for the manager to continue to collect commissions on benefits over the life. This is also known as the ”Sunset Clause.” David Bowie, one of the greatest icons in music history, was once directed by Tony Defries. When they had a big fall, Bowie had to fire Defries.

Bowie did not know that Defries did own the copyright to most, if not all, of the music that was made during the life of the management contract. This paved the way for a really long and costly legal battle between them. This is an example of why we should always read a treaty in its entirety. A power of attorney must be executed so that the manager can effectively manage the artist. A power of attorney is an authorization given to the manager to allow him to sign contracts, accept and assist banknotes, demand and/or take legal action, etc. on behalf of the artist. It should be noted that there are two types of power of attorney; generally and limited.